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Music During Uncertain Times--And Where I've Been

I find myself with my lack of newsletters apologizing for the lack of communication.  I've been off my game for a while, though I do have some updates on what's been happening with me regarding music and non-music things related…

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Springing Green Beer & Yoga

It's around this time of year where things begin to pick up and the dull of the winter fades away.  This spring I'm taking a month off from playing gigs.  Why?  I'll tell you below.  St Patrick's Day is also…

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Greetings From Charlottesville!!

Hello and greetings from Charlottesville!  It has been quite a few months since I last wrote, and I am doing great down in the new digs and in my new home with my wife.  In fact, here's some photos below…

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Everyone Leaves DC One Day

It's summer and I've written this and edited this in my head too many times I can recall, but the words are hitting the page in mid-November.  It starts off like this:


"Everyone leaves DC one day," is…

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I'm Leaving D.C.

To all my music supporters, 

I left my last newsletter on the note that there was going to be big news I'd share in coming weeks and I am ready to tell you about it.  I am moving out…

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Fall 2016 Newsltter: Been Waaaaay Too Long

Everyday, I wake up, roll out of bed and get going on my to do list.  It includes personal things as well as more and more music related stuff.  For the last two years, I've never been so busy that…

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For Starters: The Do's of Booking Gigs

Lately I've been receiving many messages from people asking how they can book gigs.  Now I should make it clear from the get go that I am not a booking agent.  In other words, I don't book other artists or…Read more

March Newsletter: Everything is Turning Green

Let's hope spring has finally arrived!  It's going to get up into the 70s this week, which always changes my mood from low energy to much higher.  This month is always super busy for me and below is this year's…

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January 2016 Newsletter

We're on day 4 of many of us being stuck in from a storm they called "Snowzilla" (or Jonas) here in the DC area.  Where I live we got around 20" of snow, but parts to the west got around…

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December 2015 Newsletter

It's hard to assess a year as an active musician.  On the one hand, I can call this year a success.  I played more shows.  I made more money.  I was so busy that I had to turn down more…

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