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Music During Uncertain Times--And Where I've Been

I find myself with my lack of newsletters apologizing for the lack of communication.  I've been off my game for a while, though I do have some updates on what's been happening with me regarding music and non-music things related…

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Springing Green Beer & Yoga

It's around this time of year where things begin to pick up and the dull of the winter fades away.  This spring I'm taking a month off from playing gigs.  Why?  I'll tell you below.  St Patrick's Day is also…

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Greetings From Charlottesville!!

Hello and greetings from Charlottesville!  It has been quite a few months since I last wrote, and I am doing great down in the new digs and in my new home with my wife.  In fact, here's some photos below…

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Everyone Leaves DC One Day

It's summer and I've written this and edited this in my head too many times I can recall, but the words are hitting the page in mid-November.  It starts off like this:


"Everyone leaves DC one day," is…

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I'm Leaving D.C.

To all my music supporters, 

I left my last newsletter on the note that there was going to be big news I'd share in coming weeks and I am ready to tell you about it.  I am moving out…

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