"You were amazing.  Truly the hit of the party!  I was soooo happy.  Can't thank you enough.  Got SOOO many compliments on your playing.  I was actually really torn at the end about having you keep playing or turning on my dance playlist." - Shilpa, Private Party Client

"I wanted to tell you that you were the highlight of what was (in my not so humble opinion) an amazing wedding weekend. You were the only person we hired who we can't think of a single thing that went wrong. You made everyone feel included and excited and really set the tone for the rest of the celebration. I wish I could say the same for any of the other (extraordinarily expensive) vendors." - Jess & Scott, Wedding Client October 2015


Brian is available to play a variety of private engagements and customizes the music to your needs whether it is your wedding day, a company function, an intimate house concert, or someone's birthday party.  He has played over 40 weddings, plays company parties, and done many other types of private functions like holiday parties, birthday parties, and anniversaries.  Brian responds to inquiries within 48 hours and stays in touch every step of the way with your event.

Below are some FAQs To inquire about hiring him, please send a message through the Contact Page.  

What is your rate?

This is the most commonly asked question.  I do not list what I charge on here because every private engagement is a little different and involves its own level of attention.  Some private engagements are straightforward while others require very specific instructions.  I do charge on an hourly basis, typically ask for a security deposit, and draw up a contract to be signed upon the agreement.

In general I take into consideration these factors when charging my rate:

- The type of private engagement (wedding, birthday, etc) you are having.
- How long you are asking me to play for.
- The vibe you are going for (chill music, rock out, instrumental music, etc).
- How far I am traveling.
- If I need to spend time learning any new material.
- The type of sound equipment I need to bring to set up.
- If any time is needed to travel to the space to ensure a smooth set up and take down of my equipment.
- Will I be playing solo or have other musicians along.

Once this information is known, I provide my rate to a potential client.  As a general rule weddings are usually more expensive than a birthday party or a company party.

How far in advance do I need to hire you for my event?

Asking last minute (under 8 weeks or less) in advance is difficult as I have shows I've usually committed to.  The ideal time frame is to ask at least 3-6 months (if not more) in advance regarding your date.  I am willing to be flexible further out than on short notice.

Do you provide a sound system?

Yes.  I have a large PA system if the music needs to be projected, made louder, or in a space where people are spread out.  I also have smaller amplification for quieter and more intimate performances.

Can I use the sound system to make announcements or hook my music into?

You may with advanced notice and agreed to.  You are able to make announcements, speeches, and so forth with my equipment.

I can allow you to borrow my sound system before or after I play to connect your iPod and other devices that are compatible with my system.  Please note that I am not a DJ, so I won't take requests to spin certain tunes or change the music to something else.  I do ask you to make your playlist ahead of time so all we have to do is plug your iPod/mp3 player in and hit play.

Please note there is a charge for borrowing my sound system if you want to play music from your iPod/mp3 player.

What kinds of songs do you cover?

I can provide a current list of songs I can play when you inquire.  Overall, I have a very wide selection of cover songs I can play.  Much of it is rock based music ranging from classic rock, to 80s music, 90s alternative rock, today's hits, and singer/songwriter style music.  Many sing along songs like "Wagon Wheel", "Country Roads", "Sweet Caroline", and "Brown Eyed Girl" are also in my repetiore.  I do not play much in the way of country music and do not play hip-hop or jazz.

I can learn songs upon request in advance of your private engagement.

Are you able to bring other musicians along with you?

Most definitely.  I have a duo option with my wife called FarAway.  I also have a drummer and violin player, as well as other musicians I can contact.  Please know that if other musicians are needed, the rate goes up so we can all eat and pay our rent.

Do you provide a contract?

I do.  I ask for a good deal of information up front, include deadline dates if you're making song choices or asking me to learn new material, and provide rules if you need to cancel.

Any other questions you may have about hiring Brian he'd be happy to answer.