I'm Leaving D.C.

To all my music supporters, 

I left my last newsletter on the note that there was going to be big news I'd share in coming weeks and I am ready to tell you about it.  I am moving out of Washington, DC this spring. 

I know this may come as an unexpected decision for many of you who follow my music.  I've built up a solid reputation as a musician here, get a lot of work, and am proud of myself for being able to make a living off of playing music for over 8 years.  But this is a decision that's been considered for a while as I never saw myself living here forever, and in the past year the signs pointed more so to getting away. 

I'll be moving to Charlottesville, VA--not too far away--to start a new chapter in life with my wife and my music. Having visited my in-laws who live there the last few years, much of the area appeals to where I'd like to be as life moves forward. Living a life that's a little slower, more simple, and in a calmer environment that includes what I enjoy (good wine, beer, less congestions, and a good food scene) seems to make a lot of sense right now. And at a fraction of the price of the D.C. area with a decent music scene was a no brainer. 

Luckily, I will continue to come up to the D.C. area to play music and perform while trying to establish myself in Charlottesville's music community. I may also be doing some other things besides music for the time being to make ends meet (we're buying a house).  So I'll still be around time to time, just with a different address. 

What I will never forget is Washington, DC is where I got my start professionally in music. To you my fans and friends, I cannot discount all the support and belief in me especially when I started this change of careers in 2009. It has been the most fulfilling work I've done and will continue to do. 

I also know I will very much miss physically being in the DC music community, where I have met many incredibly amazing, talented, genuine, and giving people. I've made many incredible friendships and that's what I will miss the most. This is a community that helps each other out and supports each other because it is hard to be a musician in a city that I still hope one day puts itself on the map as having an abundance of local talent worth listening to. 

In the mean time, I've started a new project writing what I can only call my memoirs of living here in DC.  Living here has changed me in ways I would never have known and as I strongly believe in self-reflection, I felt inspired to write about my life and times in the nearly 13 years of living here.  You can follow each installment on my blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts starting this week. 

With that said, my music will continue and I hope to thank any one of you who comes by a show in the next few months for being a part of this musical journey. 

Much love, 



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