Winter 2016 Newsletter: NYE, Springsteen Tribute & Thanks

I am back to doing my newsletter quarterly, which is less writing for me and less reading for you!  All is well here, though as many would say 2016 has been a bad year for most of us--from deaths of legendary musicians, to an election that was nasty and now may have been hacked, to even personal things in life that pop up.  I won't miss 2016 and glad a new year is beginning. 

My Year in Review, Musically Speaking 

How do I measure this year?  I guess it was mixed.  By the end, I'll have played over 250 shows, made more money than last year and somehow was able to take more time off than I have in my life!  That sounds good to me, though as it goes, I crammed those 250 shows at times and often felt a little burnt out hustling--even if to just survive in the very expensive DC area. 

The majority of my shows are now playing cover songs, though on occasion I play original music mixed in.  As I've learned over my 7 plus year career, these happen to pay better and there's a big market in the area for cover artists.  While I don't have any new material to share, I do miss the original portion, but money makes the world go 'round unfortunately. 

My efforts with FarAway in a duo and trio format also garner a good amount of attention and we had some great shows at places like O'Connells in Old Town Alexandria and The Winery at Bull Run.  We've also upped our game a bit on the wedding circuit and are doing more private stuff. 

So I will check off it being a good year and feel lucky to have so many opportunities and a trustworthy reputation in the DC area as a musician. 

Onto 2017 with Two Noteworthy Shows 

For the 4th year in a row, FarAway duo will be bringing in 2017 at Twisted Vines in Arlington, VA for New Year's Eve celebrations.  This is a very special place for us as we got married there 2 years ago and my wife, who is now a level one Sommelier (a wine expert) and has been invited to help with some of their wine dinner events. 

Tickets are on sale.  You have two options: 1) a four course wine paired dinner before we start playing and 2) the NYE bash with us that starts at 10pm.  This is not only a wine bar, but they have lots of whiskey's and local area beer on tap along with an amazing staff and laid back atmosphere. 

The other BIG show is next month at Jammin Java in Vienna as part of my friend Dan Fisk's "Painting the Music" Series.  I've been a part of two of these--this is where four musicians are paired with four artists (painters) who paint an interpretation of the first songs each musician plays.  You can watch them paint on the canvess as the show continues. 

This one is very special to me as it is a tribute to Bruce Springsteen's music.  I'm a Jersey boy in case you forgot and from the same area as Bruce (he has a house in the town next to my old hometown).  I'll be playing as one of the four bands performing that afternoon and cannot wait.  I will be singing one of Springsteen's GREATEST SONGS--but you need to be there to hear what it is! 

This is also a ticketed event on Sunday, January 29th starting at 145pm.  It will be a memorable one! 

Ahead to 2017 

I do not know what 2017 has in store musically speaking.  I am hoping to begin a process of writing new material and have many song ideas in my head that need to make their way to the guitar and my voice.  As life goes, I am busier and busier these days playing, which leaves little time to write unfortunately and my life is a juggling act between playing, loving my beautiful wife, spending time with family and friends, and traveling the world (off the Thailand and Bali next year!). 

I'll be writing again in early March, just in time for St Patrick's Day festivities and warmer weather.  For now, have a wonderful holiday and New Years and hope to see you soon! 

All the best to you! 

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