Summer Shows, A Year in Charlottesville & Yoga Certified

The year is flying by for me.  Usually they say that's because you're having fun, but this year hasn't been entirely fun with sick pets, broken HVACs, and a mortgage escrow company who messed things up.  But I won't get into any of that because it's summer, I enter a new decade of life soon and all in all other things are going well! 


Summer Shows 

As always you can find my full schedule of performances on my website, but I thought I'd highlight a few in the Charlottesville area and Northern Virginia/DC area coming up this summer. 

Charlottesville Area shows of note 

Carter Mountain Music Series - atop a mountain overlooking Cville and the Blue Ridge Mountains, this is a big annual event that my duo FarAway is playing throughout the summer on Wed or Thur nights 615-845pm. 

June 20 

July 3, 25 

August 8, 28 


4th of July Weekend 

July 5th at The Graduate Hotel Charlottesville, VA 8-10pm  

July 6th at Thistle Gate Vineyard Scottsville, VA 330-530pm (FarAway duo) 

July 7th at James River Brewery Scottsville, VA 4-7pm 


Birthday Jam August 1st 6pm-??? - Bringing in 40 years of life playing with some friends at Commonwealth Skybar on the downtown mall in Charlottesville.  I'll likely do this for a charity, check my social media for details. 


Wintergreen Resort - even without snow it's a lovely spot to be around.   

July 29th at The Edge 6-8pm 

August 7th at Stoney Creek Grill (next to golf course) 6-8pm 

August 16 at The Edge 8-11pm (FarAway duo) 


Debuts - new locations added to the venue roster. 

August 4th Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards North Garden, VA 1-4pm (FarAway duo) 

August 10th Septenary Winery Greenwood, VA 3-5pm (FarAway duo) 

August 21st Keswick Vineyards Keswick, VA 530-830pm (FarAway duo) 


As for the old stomping grounds: 

6/28 Quattro Goombas Brewery Aldie, VA 5-8pm (FarAway duo) 

7/19 Reston Metro Plaza Reston, VA 7-9pm (FarAway Trio) 

7/27 Daniel O'Connells Alexandria, VA 10pm-1am (FarAway Trio) 

6/21, 7/11, 8/30 Potomac Point Winery Stafford, VA 630-930pm (solo) 

See you out there! 


​​​​​​Charlottesville One Year Later 

At the beginning of June I celebrated one year of having moved to my first owned home and new location in the Charlottesville area.  So far, it's been truly wonderful.  Love my neighborhood, love the culture, love the scenery, love the people and love the music scene.  I have zero regrets.  Plus I feel lucky enough to still be able to travel back up north fairly often and not lose my connection with people and places in the Washington, DC area.  And while it's been a year, I still feel new to being here.  There's so much more to check out and do. 

Coming up on Ten Years in Music 

In my next newsletter I will talk about a variety of things looking back on my ten years of being a musician for a living.  Stay tuned and watch my blog

Yoga Trained 

As if my life isn't busy enough, I took a month off from mid-April to mid-May to settle a thought I had in my mind for a few years: getting trained to be a yoga instructor.  I have been practicing since 2011 and was on and off for the first few years, but really developed my practice more so in the last 3-4 years.  Yoga has been an amazing gift and new passion of mine, and while I am more flexible, I do yoga more for my mental health.   

I do have a yoga website now,, along with an Instragram (@yogabybrian) and Facebook page.  And I do have two classes I set up coming up very soon.  I'll be teaching in the Charlottesville area and am taking baby steps into this new career. 

Stay cool, enjoy any summer travels and have fun!  I look forward as always to seeing your friendly face and catching up a bit at a show.  I'll chat with you in September! 


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