December 2015 Newsletter

It's hard to assess a year as an active musician.  On the one hand, I can call this year a success.  I played more shows.  I made more money.  I was so busy that I had to turn down more show opportunities than ever before.  And I was also able to take more time off to do things like travel than any other year.  On the other hand, I barely wrote any new music, didn't put out any recordings, didn't tour, and felt at times like I'd settled too much but couldn't figure out a way to challenge myself artistically.  So like I said, it's hard to assess it all.  But two things always ring true: I'm lucky to still be doing this for a living six years later and grateful for a talent that is appreciated greatly at times. 

In this month's newsletter: 

1. Highlights from 2015 

2. An interview I gave on music 

3. New Year's Eve Show 

2015 Highlights and Thoughts 

If I can sum up 2015 in a few bullet points here are some things I found interesting, special, and also not very special. 

- The people of Hawaii had never heard of the song "Wagon Wheel" (there is hope, just on a beautiful island thousands of miles from anywhere). 

- Favorite show of 2015 Tally Ho Theater in March. 

- Worst show of 2015, rather not say. 

- Ending a couple relationships with venues where I'd played for multiple years.  Mutual support doesn't last forever as my standards have changed. 

- Favorite artist I got into this year James Bay. 

- Best concert I saw, Imagine Dragons. 

- Favorite place I visited, Hawaii. 

- Favorite new activities, paddle boarding and mindfulness. 

- Overall, the more I learn about the music industry, the more I see how fragmented, unfair it is at times, and undervalued artists are treated.  I often wonder what the next step is for me.  Music is still needed in this world, it won't go away.  I'll figure it out though. 


An Interview with an Old Friend 

Years ago when I first moved here to our nation's capital, I met a fellow alumni from my college alma mater who ended up being my softball coach.  Luckily we rooted for the same baseball team and he was an early supporter of my music career.  Fast forward to today we still root for the same baseball team, he's married with two kids, and out of the blue hit me up to do an interview for a podcast he started. 

The podcast is called "Crummy Little Podcast" and Jim Eltringham started it to interview people who found their passion in whatever they do. 

So go ahead and listen.  I actually never listen back to interviews I do, I'm too self-critical and cringe at things I say, but he asked some great questions and I hope you enjoy it. 

2015 Year End New Year's Show 

For the third year in a row, my duo FarAway gets to play in the place where I got married last year....TWISTED VINES.  Thought the ownership has changed over, the new owners have expanded it from a wine bar to having a few local Virginia craft beers as well as including a line of whiskey and bourbons too! 

This is a ticketed event as in years past and here are some details: 

- We will be playing from 10pm-1am 
- Tickets for the late night event (930pm-2am) are $75/person 
- There is a pre-fixe dinner menu beforehand from 7-9pm for $75/person 
- OR you can do the pre-fixe dinner and events for $125/person 

To grab a ticket visit Twisted Vines' website

That's a wrap, bring on 2016!  I look forward to hearing from you, seeing you at shows, and chatting online.  Don't forget to check out my NEW BLOG, I wrote a new post recently. 

Happy holidays to you and best wishes in the new year! 


Upcoming Shows: 

12/19 World of Beer Arlington, VA 10pm-1am (as FarAway) 
12/26 William Jeffrey's Tavern Arlington, VA 10pm-130am 
12/31 Twisted Vines Arlington, VA 10pm-1am (as FarAway) 
1/7 World of Beer Reston, VA 9pm-12am (as FarAway) 
1/9 Daniel O'Connells Alexandria, VA 10pm-1am (as FarAway Trio) 
1/24 Creek's Edge Lovetsville, VA 3-7pm (as FarAway) 
1/28 Dogwood Tavern Falls Church, VA 930pm-1230am 
1/30 Ocelot Brewery Dulles, VA 3-6pm

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